"Whatever devil!"

Whatever - used to show that something said or done is not important.
The word "whatever" is a word that you are very familiar with. If someone says something to you that's crazy or ridiculous, you often respond with "Whatever!" The attitude that you express when you say this is, "I'm not going to tolerate or put up with that..." You especially say it when you're fed up!
Well, the devil will say all sorts of crazy things to you.


"You're nothing..."

"You'll never amount to anything..."

"This sickness is going to kill you..."

"You'll never get out of debt..."

"Your marriage is over..."


He'll try to discourage you in every area of your life. You can either accept what he's telling you or you can take a stance and declare, "Whatever devil!" Confess that aloud on the regular and watch how it will boost your faith. Watch how it will jumpstart your confidence.

"Whatever devil! I'm still here!"

"Whatever devil! Jesus is still Lord!"

"Whatever devil! You can't stop me!"

"Whatever devil! I'm forgiven!"

 Figure out your "Whatever devil!" and declare it boldly.