Thank you for visiting the Whatever devil! website. I want to share with you how this went from a simple phrase to a POWERFUL movement. It all started when I was in the emergency room for having chest pains. I assumed it had something to do with my heart, because my father had hypertension, which is sometimes hereditary. He died years ago from a heart attack, so satan found a way to remind me of this while in the ER. “You’re going to die the same way your daddy did.” This is what the devil was whispering in my ear. “You’re not going to make it out of here!” the devil persisted. Listening to these words caused me to fear.

This fear was turning into worry as I began to picture negative thoughts in my head. Suddenly, I recognized that this was a trick of the enemy and I shouted, “Whatever devil!”

When I made that RADICAL statement, something happened on the inside of me. There’s a certain attitude that comes with the word “WHATEVER”.

Whatever - used to show that something said or done is not important;

The word "WHATEVER" is a word that you are very familiar with. If someone says something to you that's crazy or ridiculous, you often respond with "Whatever!" The attitude that you express when you say this is, "I'm not going to tolerate or put up with that..." You especially say it when you're fed up! Well, the devil will say all sorts of crazy things to you.

"You're nothing..."

"You'll never amount to anything..."

"This sickness is going to kill you..."

"You'll never get out of debt..."

"Your marriage is over..."

He'll try to discourage you in every area of your life. You can either accept what he's telling you or you can take a stance and declare, "Whatever devil!" Confess that aloud on the regular and watch how it will BOOST your faith. Watch how it will jumpstart your CONFIDENCE.

"Whatever devil! I'm still here!"

"Whatever devil! Jesus is still Lord!"

"Whatever devil! You can't stop me!"

"Whatever devil! I'm forgiven!"

Figure out your "Whatever devil!" and declare it BOLDLY. That’s what I did that night in the emergency room. When I made that radical statement, it snapped me back to the reality of FAITH. It seemed the MORE I said it, the MORE boldness came forth. Though I stayed in the hospital for four days, I didn’t die. I’M STILL HERE!

Afterwards, I made a Facebook post about “Whatever devil!” and it got so much response I decided to create a “Whatever devil!” Facebook page… which led to me creating the “Whatever devil!” SHIRT… which led to the “Whatever devil!” BOOK!

The whole purpose of the “Whatever devil!” brand is to create HOPE when there is just a little bit of hope left. This brand shows you how to trust GOD when all of the odds are against you. So join this group of Believers who are taking a stance and declaring, “Whatever devil!”