The much-anticipated book by Billie Miller is finally here! Whether it's for a book club, small group, Bible study, or personal study, you can't go wrong with this power-packed book!

In Whatever devil! you will discover:

  • Powerful stories that will boost your faith.
  • How to overcome obstacles and challenges.
  • Life-Changing information that will help you grow. 
  • How to rise above failure and disappointments.
  • Easy-to-read content on every page.
  • How to never lose hope.
  • ...and so much more!

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 "Whatever devil!" is also available as an eBook.



"Billie Miller has done it AGAIN! Whatever devil! is sure to be a household FAVORITE. You won't regret getting this BOOK!"

~ MELANIE BONITA, Inspirational Speaker & #1 Amazon Bestselling Author, Daily Dose of Determination


"You're going to LOVE this book! It's filled with POWERFUL testimonies and biblical truths that will INSPIRE you to NEVER give up! You will not be able to put this book down. Great job Billie!"

~ NAKIA HAMILTON, Filmmaker & Director, Luv Life Entertainment


"Whatever devil! is an INCREDIBLE book and Billie is such an AMAZING author. His words will INSPIRE you, and MOTIVATE you even during testing times. This is a BOOK you'll want to buy for all of your FRIENDS."

~ TERRANCE LEFTRIDGE, Author, Speaker, & Host, The Unstoppable Stories Show


"Billie Miller has a GIFT for writing books that will add VALUE to anyone's personal and spiritual DEVELOPMENT. I have a very LARGE library and Billie's BOOKS are in my TOP 25! Billie has what the world NEEDS. Make sure the NEXT book you buy has Billie Miller's NAME on it."

~ JOHN RAMSEY, Life Coach, Speaker, & Spiritual Teacher  


"I am EXCITED about Billie's NEWEST book. We all go through things in life that will make you say, 'Whatever devil!'  This book is FILLED with godly terms that you can RELATE to and APPLY to everyday life. Get this BOOK!"

~ REGINA MOSS, Entrepreneur & Business Owner


"If you've read Billie Miller's first 2 POWERFUL books, I encourage you to pick up your copy of Whatever devil! We Made It Anyway. It is a MUST-READ filled with Biblical KNOWLEDGE and inspiration. The first 2 books were COMPELLING, but Billie really NAILED it this time. Get all THREE; his writings get BETTER with each book." 

~ JACQUELINE MILLER BROWN, Poet & Author, Tending My Garden: A Celebration of Love, Life, & Blessings


"Whatever devil! is truly relevant, inspiring, encouraging, and a must-read. Get the BOOK and the SHIRT!"

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"Billie Miller is such an AMAZING writer. Whatever devil! is an INSPIRING book you'll want EVERYONE to read, so you might as well get MORE than one copy. You'll see!"

~ JENNIFER KOSTYAL, Author, Speaker & Founder, Transformed by the Word, National Prison Ministry



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