Whatever devil! I'm Still Here (Volume 2)

Whatever devil! I'm Still Here (Volume 2)

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Billie Miller's 4th book is almost here! This highly-anticipated book will be RELEASED Saturday December 18, 2021. But don't wait until then. PREORDER this powerful book TODAY.

In Whatever devil! Volume 2 you will discover:

  • How to RISE above any storm.
  • What is WISDOM and how to GET it.
  • How your CONNECTION determines your DIRECTION.
  • The 4 enemies to GIVING.
  • How to WIN with forgiveness.
  • How to VALUE and manage your TIME.
  • ...and so much MORE!

The regular price for this BOOK is $16.95, but I want to REWARD your for ordering in ADVANCE. You can PREORDER this book today for ONLY $12.99. This special offer will end once the book is RELEASED, so order NOW.